Represented Artist, Gregory Beck, at Milan Art Gallery in Downtown Fort Worth Texas

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Gregory Beck

Gregory Beck has devoted his life to art. Along with his unique, vibrant paintings in oil and acrylic, in recent years, he has focused on figurative sculpture. Beck traveled Europe surrounding himself with the works of Renaissance masters. Self-taught, he spent time sculpting in Florence, Italy, inspired by the city and it’s timeless art treasures. Developing his unique style and approach to figurative sculpture, Gregory has drawn from a lifetime of experience. A distinctive—and instinctive—ability to blend the purity of classical sculpture with a unique sense of modern realism allows Gregory Beck to create beautiful, inspirational works. Working strictly from imagination, each sculpture is striking in its composition—with powerfully emphasized human anatomy—revealing Beck’s perceptive understanding of physiology, human relationships, and emotion.


“Intrigued as to how and why visual art affects us, I take joy in continuing to explore and develop every aspect that art has to offer. My artistic goal to express the best of mankind, the love, happiness, strength, intricacies of relationships, history and the human endeavors in all facets of life. My philosophy is that life presents us with enough challenging and negative situations, and through art, I strive to offer the viewer an opportunity for temporary escape and visual enjoyment. I am dedicated to presenting art that adds a degree of beauty, mystery, and wonder into life and I am excited by the prospect of creating avenues of visual stimulation for public enjoyment.” GRB


With the desire to give something back to a world that has given so much to him and his family, Gregory has been dedicated in his efforts to participate in many worthwhile charitable projects. From the start of his art career, a percentage of the proceeds from his art sales have gone to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Foundation – an endeavor his late wife Linda started years before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Beck has donated his art and time to many select national and local charity fundraising events.




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