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The Milan Gallery had a great schedule of events in 2015 and is excited for the events and exhibits coming in 2016.  Please visit call us if you have any questions on upcoming events.

Milan Med


The World of Ballet...


Born August 21, 1930 in Humpolec, Czechoslovakia. Milan Med introduced dance drawings at his first Prague exhibition in 1962. After this show, Med's pastels, drawings, paintings and engravings became published in American gymnastics magazines which caused his popularity to build worldwide and ignited his art career internationally.


Large size oil paintings by Milan Med represent the other art creation. Their iconography accents psychological aspects of a protagonist life - the intense concentration before a performance, the thrill waiting behind the scenes, the gratitude for applause, or with the exhaustion just after a difficult performance.


Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection


VIP evening is Feb 26th 6-8pm, Must call to RSVP.

General Public is Feb. 27th 6-8pm

Preview of show will start on Sat. Feb. 20th.

View Dali brochure here


Salvador Dali's publisher, Pierre Argillet (1910-2001) and Dali enjoyed a collaboration and a friendship that spanned five decades; and produced what art historians have termed "the finest bodies of the Master's Art".  This collection made available by the Argillet Estate is...truly… A privilege and an opportunity for the collector to own a prominent piece of Dali's legacy.


Pierre Argillet's body of Dali's etchings, original works and books appear in museums throughout the world, and have enjoyed a home at the Museum of Surrealism in Melun, France (Pierre Argillet's former home "Chateau Vaux-le-Penil" and former museum) as well as in the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The collection is also housed at the prestigious Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  Together, Argillet & Dali created remarkable editions of original prints, lived the life of a committed "Surrealist” and developed images that are highly-valued and prized by collectors today.


This exhibition and collection opportunity offers works from Dali's Suites, including Mythologie, Les Hippies, Goethe's Faust, and the incomparable Poemes Secrets d'Apollinaire.  Madame Argillet has also graciously included the rare titles, Etchings and Watercolors from 1934 to the late 1960's.


Please call the gallery, 817-338-4278 to RSVP

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